Kettering Bedding Centre Est 1970

The Kettering Bedding Centre opened its doors for the first time in October 1970 in Regent Street, Kettering and was established as one of the biggest stores in the Midlands stocking as many as 500 beds at one time. The Regent Street Showrooms boasted a massive selection of products of all styles and prices, ranging from the basic and inexpensive all the way though to the luxurious.

(see below an old picture showing one of the several showrooms from Regent Street, Kettering)


After almost 50 years of trading from the Regent Street store, Kettering Bedding Centre had earned a reputation for friendly good quality service, a reputation that still holds true to this day.

The Fire

On the 13th May 2019 the business fell victim to an accidental fire which tragically destroyed the building beyond repair, but thankfully caused no loss of life as Anthony Caswell Jones (Manager) was the last to leave the building, narrowly escaping the burning inferno. (see picture below)

It was only in the aftermath of the fire that it became apparent how much the family, and the business truly meant to the community, as there was an overwhelming and uplifting response from masses of customers both past and present. Some even offering their services to work for free in order to help the Bedding Centre return to trading as soon as possible.

F. L. Caswell Ltd

F.L. Caswell Ltd was the original furniture store established by Frank L Caswell in 1926 from which Kettering Bedding Centre was born 44 years later. Since 1970 the two stores have been successfully running along side each other, with the combined enterprise providing the ability to accommodate a majority of household furniture needs for Kettering its surrounding areas.

It was therefore an obvious short term solution after the devastation caused by fire in 2019 for the  Bedding Centre to regroup back under the Caswell roof, enabling the company to maintain its high standard of service and minimalise any delays caused to its existing customers.

Newland Street

On the 30th of November 2019 Kettering Bedding Centre once again opened its doors of a new premises to the public, but this time on Newland Street, Kettering (see picture above).

This move created the opportunity for the company to regain the ability to display a full range of beds, while operating at full capacity, and looking forwards with the future development of both stores in mind.

Present Day

On the 14th February 2022 Kettering Bedding Centre and F.L. Caswell Ltd finally combined the two stores at 81-83 Montagu Street, Kettering. While the Bedding Centre occupy the entirety of the 1st floor proudly displaying a full compliment of recognized and trusted brand names across 4 large showrooms, the furniture side of the business continues to thrive from the many showrooms on ground level. 

– F.L.Caswell
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